Sam's Guest House

Rate Schedule

         Prices Effective January 26, 2016  

Rental by the Day, Week, or Month. Pricing dependent upon number of guests and length of stay. Military discounts available upon presenting Military ID.  All stays MUST BE TWO DAYS minimum.

Week days: Sunday thru Wednesday
1 to 4 guests----------$130.00 per day--------$400.00 for 4 week days
5 to 8 guests------$30.00 per day per guest-----$700.00 for 4 week days

Any additional guests-------------------------$30.00 per day/guest

Weekends: (Thur, Fri, Sat) and Holidays
4 guests------------------------------------$185.00 per day
5 to 6 guests--------------------------------$235.00 per day
7 to 8 guests--------------------------------$280.00 per day
Any additional guests-------------------------$20.00 per day/guest

Seven (7) days:
1 to 4 guests--------------------------------$825.00
5 to 6 guests--------------------------------$950.00
7 to 8 guests--------------------------------$1250.00
Any additional guests-------------------------$15.00 per day/guest    

        There are local caterers if needed      
        *13% tax
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